Car Wash for Switch!

by | Jul 15, 2021 | news | 0 comments

Do you like cars, trucks, police cars, fire trucks, excavators and lots of cool vehicles?

Then you’re in the right place! Car Wash contains 25 different vehicles that you can wash and clean!


Welcome to the world of car wash!

In this amazing game for toddlers and kids of any age, you take care of washing and cleaning 25 different vehicles.

Hose, brush, wipe, wax, dry, polish and even enchant the cars with a touch of magic to make them shine even brighter.

No skill required. Just pick your tool and start swiping on the car to get the work done!

Earn stars while working to unlock the remaining cars.

Suitable for all car-enthusiast all over the world 🙂

This game was designed and created with the help of kids and media-educators to ensure a relaxing, frustration free yet rewarding gaming experience for even the smallest kids.